Getting your car or truck free if it’s stuck in mud, snow, ice, or sand is easy as 1-2-3.

  • When stuck, put your car or truck in “Park” or “Neutral” and engage your parking brake.
  • Wedge a Portable Tow Truck traction pad in front of each of your drive tires. Make sure “This Side Up” label is facing the direction you need to move and the six rows of small angled cleats are facing the tire.
  • Shift into gear, release the parking brake, and slowly accelerate to safer and sturdier ground.

CAUTION: Do not stand behind vehicle when using the Portable Tow Truck. Serious injury could occur if vehicle or traction pad slips.

Helpful Hints:
a) If vehicle will roll back and forth, roll backwards as far as possible before engaging the parking brake. This allows the vehicle to roll more easily onto the traction pads when accelerating.
b) To tow the traction pads behind vehicle to a safer and more convenient area, attach a small nylon rope to each traction pad through the existing hole and to the trailer hitch or bumper on vehicle.
c) Although traction pads are made of durable polypropylene, spinning your tires excessively on top of them could damage cleats and affect their usability.

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